Knocking Down Houston’s Turnberry Tower Without Even Building It

No, the Turnberry Tower luxury highrise planned for a prime Galleria spot next to the Water Wall Park never got off the ground, but office workers and shoppers nearby have been able to enjoy a good old-fashioned Houston-style sendoff for the project. The 5-year-old, 12,000-sq.-ft., multimillion-dollar sales center for the toilet-heavy tower at 5048 Hidalgo St. is being demolished. Hines, the new owners of the property, will have no use for the structure in the new 7-story One Waterwall apartment complex it’s building there and expects to complete in 2014:


Photos: Payam. Rendering of One Waterwall: Hines, via Going Up! City

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  • I remember, the mockup apartment upstairs had a kitchen designed by Ferrari. Looked more like IKEA to me.

  • THey had this building unlocked a week ago and the model was still inside. I should have jacked the model and had my own turnberry tower in my apartment.

  • NEXT !!!

  • Another boring apartment building…

  • A few years ago there were billboards scattered around town featuring distinguished couples in formal wear and the slogan “If you don’t, your heirs will”.

    Something equally as drab will probably go up instead.

  • The demolition photo makes the Turnberry building resemble that good old, lamented avant-garde 1980s Best Showroom in south Houston…the one that from day one looked as if part of it were being demolished, right down to its “loose” bricks…

  • @ #6,

    Right, I thought that too.

    It was out behind Almeda Mall and I shopped there once or twice. I believe that’s where I got a flash attachment for my Olympus.

  • The midrise building planned for the site looks dull….