Metro Marks the East End Line’s Halfway Point

In honor of “nearly” reaching what it describes as the halfway point in constructing the new East End light-rail line, Metro is releasing this rendering showing what it’ll look like when riders reach the track’s end. It’s a view of the station at the Magnolia Park Transit Center on Harrisburg at 70th St., the line’s easternmost reach. For the most part, the basic structure of each station will be identical steel constructions with glass canopies — much as they are on the existing Main St. line.


At Magnolia Park, artist Ryan Geiger will cover vertical surfaces with images of inner-city birds. He’ll have starlings up at the Lockwood/Eastwood Station:

Nineteen other Houston artists (plus 2 more from out of town) have each created designs for the others. (Metro has posted a few of them here.) But construction of the stations themselves is only 8 percent complete, Metro says. So far, work has begun only on the EaDo/Stadium, Lockwood/Eastwood, and Coffee Plant/Second Ward stations. The line isn’t scheduled to open until 2014.

Renderings: Metro

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