New New Magnolia Brewery Now Staking Its Claim to a Shady Acres Warehouse on Bevis St.

And in even more beer-related news, another local warehouse is now turning to drinks as its primary occupation. This 7,725-sq.-ft. one — pictured above from Bevis St. between W. 16th and 17th — is about to become New Magnolia Brewing. Its name is a cheers to the original Magnolia Brewing Company — formally the Houston Ice and Brewing Company — that did its concocting along Buffalo Bayou at the corner of Franklin and Milam streets until Prohibition forced it to make ice its flagship product. Following its shutdown, the Magnolia Ballroom took the place over roughly 40 years ago.

The New Magnolia’s 43,560-sq.-ft. digs at 1616 Bevis include this front yard, more than twice the size of the building to its north:


The venue’s been licensed to collect Texas sales tax since May, however a TABC notice hanging in its window indicates it still pending permission to dole out its main product.

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The Brew and the Old

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  • If I was opening a brewery on Bevis I’d name it “Butt-head’s”.

  • You’ll love the HEAD on the beer from Bevis street so much, you’ll laff for ten hours:

  • I can hear it now….Awesome Skyler, another place to get brewski in the hood broski. And dude it is just around the corner from my new townie, which I share with Samantha and Keely. Yea we can walk, spend all night drinking and playing Jenga and don’t have to use Uber or Lift unless we want to go to 19th St or down Yale.

    And the gentrification of Shady Acres continues…. guess this old dog will have switch from a mystery meat taco or roller dog and a 40 to a free range organic tofu kimchi tacos and an IPA before I pass out on the lawn.

    Jus’ trying to keep the shady in Shady Acres ya’ll.

  • @InTheDoghouse… Brother, Shady left Shady Acres a while back….right around the time some douche constructed Bungalow Heights across the street from Cedar Creek, and some other douches built a couple hundred crackerbox two story townhomes, 12 to an acre.