Ronnie Killen Putting New Burger Joint in Old Pearland Gas Station


Exxon marks the spot for Ronnie Killen’s latest foray into the Pearland meat market: A burger joint, going in a derelict Exxon station at the corner of S. Main St. and Broadway St. and sharing a busy intersection with Whataburger and folksy Pearland institution the Busy Bee Cafe.

Killen had teased readers of his social media sites earlier this month with snapshots of the gas station, but on Friday, he at last confirmed it as the future home of Killen’s Burger on the Killen’s Barbecue Facebook page:



Todd Whistler of Architrave Construction & Design will be his architect and general contractor for the project.


Killen’s Burger will join Killen’s Steakhouse and Killen’s Barbecue in the chef’s burgeoning Pearland meat empire.

Photos: Loopnet (day view); Killen’s Barbecue (night views)

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  • Yet another reason to go to Pearland….

  • But that’s not even a cute, old, architecturally significant gas station. May as well put it in a strip mall or an abandoned Dairy Queen.

  • I like gas station conversions. Seems there are lots of opportunities to leverage the Houston oil connection in how it is outfitted.. Bay windows up when weather permits….nice.

  • Great idea to ape for the Citgo at Yale & 11th. Somebody with a mm or two to spare, get on it.

  • I like Killen’s Steakhouse and Killen’s Barbecue a lot. I can even, grudgingly, understand the appeal of waiting in line for an hour and a half for the chance of getting some of their barbecue, which is apparently a central Texas thing; most Houstonians prefer to be reasonably confident that their chosen restaurant will have food during their stated open hours. But I’m not sure there’s a Pearland market for high-end premium burgers. I can think of several places already doing that, plus the upmarket chains like Smashburger, Five Guys, and Red Robin.

  • @marmer Name brand alone in the early days will drive the sales behind Killen Burger’s success. Once that wears off, the quality of the food he will be pushing will grant the business more notoriety.

    @Superdave They have cute, old, architecturally significant gas stations in Pearland?

  • There used to be a batwing Phillips 66 just down the road from here in Friendswood, but someone tore it down and built something generic there. There are a few interesting buildings in old Pearland. Stayton Nunn did most of the pre-1970s schools.

  • I will make the drive for Killen’s BBQ, but I am not sure about for a Hamburger. There are plenty of great burgers up here in Houston.