Tema’s Hermann Park Strategy: Bookend Two Lowrise Apartment Buildings With Two Talls


And here is how Tema hopes all of its developments will fit together one day on the northern edge of Hermann Park.

That just-begun 7-story apartment building — “Phase I” above — is going in at 1699 Hermann Dr., immediately west of Tema’s thirtysomething-year-old, 35-story Parklane Houston Condos tower.

Phase II — also 7 stories, groundbreaking TBA — slots in behind the 7-story building and looks over Ewing St. towards downtown.

And then there’s the proposed tall and twisty Tower at Hermann Place, the 42-story behemoth that was once slated to be up by the middle of next year



According to a company spokesperson, we will have to wait 4-6 years for work to commence on Tema’s western bookend to its Hermann Park developments.

But when that day arrives, the plan calls for the helix-oid highrise to slot in at the corner of Hermann Dr. and Jackson St., just across from the Plaza Museum District Apartments and a block east of the Health Museum.

Rendering of Proposed Helix Tower, Hermann Dr., Museum Park, Houston

Renderings: Corgan Associates

Museum Park Plans

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  • Developers do this all the time, they propose a splashy building to be built at some cloudy later date, then announce groundbreaking on the “lesser” phase. I highly doubt this 42 story building ever gets built, I really wish Swamplot would quit waxing on about it. Report on it when they actually break ground on the “tower” otherwise, stop beating a dead horse.

  • That building looks awesome (IMO). But I’m also in love with 2727 Kirby, so whatever that’s worth…

  • I think the idea is to whet the appetite, drive demand. Or at least test the waters.
    Sorry for all the metaphors. This is a great location so it WILL be developed…

  • I would imagine that the change-up is due to a much more mundane circumstance that’s related to their finances, not a PR stunt. As personally as some people take news articles, you’d almost think that they thought that business owners only do business in order to get into the news so that the people that read news will be infotained.

  • The twisty tower is not that great. I don’t care if they ever build it.

  • I’d much rather see Tema build the original 1980’s master plan for the site. There was going to be 50 story and 40 story condo towers matching the Parklane and an upscale hotel. That part of town could use a nice hotel that is not the Zaza.