Tenants Out, Variance Hearing Signs Up at Woodland Heights Skylane Apartments

Skylane Central Apartments, 2222 White Oak Dr., Woodland Heights, Houston

From 2 Swamplot readers come pics of the vacated and almost-fenced-in former Skylane Central Apartments off Taylor St. between Usener and White Oak Dr., near the low-lying Downtown-side gateway to Woodland Heights. Greystar bought the property last fall; it has plans for an 8-story, 276-unit apartment complex on the site.


Skylane Central Apartments, 2222 White Oak Dr., Woodland Heights, Houston

Skylane Central Apartments, 2222 White Oak Dr., Woodland Heights, Houston

All tenants were cleared from the existing buildings by the end of last month, according to postings on HAIF. The variance sign announces a hearing later this month on a reduced building line variance application for Greystar’s project, which it is calling Elan Heights.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top); Marc Longoria (others)

Elan Is Coming

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  • Two words: Good riddance
    Three words: Bring it on.

  • Disclaimer – I’m not a developer or engineer, so this might be a very ignorant comment.

    I don’t understand doing an 8 story residential development. At 8 stories, I would imagine you are well into the complications of building a hi-rise (elevators, hvac, structural codes, etc…) but are only beginning to get into benefits of a hi-rise (VIEWS, being above street noise, and the rents that these things command). I had thought that this is the reason you don’t see many residential developments between 5 and 20 stories; you either stick with the cheap build of staying low, or you go for big dollar hi-rise.

    If someone who knows more about this would care to shed some light on this, I’m all ears.

  • I doubt there’ll be any real NIMBY action on this one. It look likes a perfectly non-intrusive spot for such a monster apartment building and it should act as a partial soundwall for the freeway noise.

  • Hooray! This really would be some prime spot for views of downtown.. I was wondering how long it would be before these derelict apartments came down. There is a quickie shop and a snack shop just next door too.. Wonder if they’re coming down too..

  • Let the ignorant comments based on people outdated perceptions flow in but lets clear up some misconceptions first.

    1) The apt has not been own by skylane in three years,brightside property was the last owner and soon taking possession of the property evicted. Over 90% of the tenents.. Others chose to leave since rent for a one bed room jumped from 450 to 750

    2) By the time the property was sold to current developers I would say 80% of renters were colleague white kids with two or more roomate

    How do I know this well I was one of the last people to leave the complex which last day of residents was April 30.

    But please let here the story of drug dealers and other unsavory type that has not apply to that complex in over three years

  • I’m against high density near my home and near where I go grocery shopping. Oh and near where I work or play. Basically I’m against high density anywhere I’ll be. If anyone wants to put up signs of a toothy tower you can use my lawn, but can’t say I’ll do much more than that.

    NIMBY for life.

  • 1. Complex will be 330 units, 75% 1 BD, all steel and concrete construction
    2. Variance is to allow building to be built at full height along White Oak; because White Oak is a minor collector planning restrictions only allow 3 stories for first 25 ft of building
    3. First 3 floors of building will be parking, with lower level elevated above flood plain
    4. Convenience store owners would not sell their property
    5. Greystar to fund construction of dog park on city property adjacent to building

  • Was there ever any ruling on whether Mango Beach is a part of this deal? PLEASE DON’T TAKE MANGO BEACH AWAY FROM ME.

  • The loss of skyline will serve to finally elevate Morrison Heights to the ugliest building in the Woodland Heights. Congrats on the promotion, Fisher Homes!

  • @ Walt: In this case, it sounds like they’ll put a cast concrete parking garage, called a “podium” in developer-speak, as a base for the apartment units themselves. They can be economically framed in wood for up to six stories above that, or with an engineered steel frame that goes up by an additional eight stories. Beyond that, everything gets much more heavy-duty.

    Also, at 95 feet in height, a structure is a highrise for the sake of building codes. That can impose additional costs, no matter the number of stories. If you can keep the parking garage vertically compact and then spread out with the units on top, then an eight-story podium can still avoid the highrise label.

  • Just looked at the traffic study performed by the development group. While I like the idea of replacing an eyesore, I do not look forward to the traffic that will increase down my street due to the increase in density. I see that the design has both garage driveways entering off Usener, as well as the loading dock. Those coming off I-10 up Watson and who usually turn left on Usener will instead continue north on Watson attempting to avoid the traffic on Usener in the very short block. I guess this kind of makes me a nimby.

  • While I am glad Skylane is going, I am not one to believe “anything” will be better. I hope we fight the variance request and prevail. I’m in!

  • i’m surprised these lasted as long as they did!

  • There are quite a few 4-8 story buildings around town. I live in the Memorial Hills complex that is 8 stories (all residential, there is no parking garage podium), 2900 W. Dallas, the new Finger place across from Montrose HEB among others.

  • I’m not really happy about another mid-high rise in the Heights but anything is a step up from this place.

  • Another dog park?? I swear every small park in this town will be a dog park before we know it.

  • Rex- the Woodland Heights has been pushing for a dog park for years, that is a smart move by the developer.

  • Re dog park… As a generality, although it doesn’t apply in this case, this is what happens when you replace bungalows with yards by lot-line monstrosities, townhouse canyons, and yuppie apartments. In this case, the previous residents (> 3 yrs ago) probably had no need for a dog park because they just let their pit bulls run loose along the bayou.

    I have noticed a considerable uptick in the amount of other people’s dog crap I have to pick up out of my yard in the past couple years.