The Bridge Over Memorial City’s Signature North-of-I-10 Ditch Is Now In

The basic structure of a new bridge crossing from one side of the Conrad Sauer Detention Basin to the other in the northward expansion of Memorial City is now in place, this recent photo (above) from reader Marc Longoria shows. The bridge will be part of Mathewson Ln., which developer and property owner MetroNational is extending from Conrad Sauer Dr. eastward over the detention basin and connecting to Gessner Dr., as shown in this recent construction photo:


The detention basin is being upgraded from its current status as a straight concrete-lined ditch to a slightly more curvaceous, grass- and tree-lined water feature meant to form a signature feature of MetroNational’s Energy Gateway District, otherwise known as that area just across I-10 from the company’s Death Star HQ.

The photos above were taken from the parking garage of the recently completed 6-story office building at 10100 Katy Fwy. that will now serve as the new US headquarters for Mexican building-materials company Cemex. Here’s a view of the parking structure and the detention basin:

From across I-10 . . .

. . . and after the heavy rains earlier this month:

Photos: Bayan Raji (bottom); Marc Longoria (all others)

Memorial City Marches North

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  • Turning lemons into lemonade by using the flood prone aspect of Houston to create pretty puddles-on-purpose seems like a good idea.

  • This bridge serves no other purpose than to make it easier for tenants to access the metroNational office building on site. It is a huge construction subsidy to metro national. It will also cause more cut through traffic through the adjacent neighborhood which had easy access to I-10 already. MetroNational also did not build the pond, but now they get to dump their water there. Outrageous. How many millions of dollars will their campaign.donations net them?