The Townhome 6-Pak Looking To Move in Behind Mount Rush Hour

Proposed Site of Bingham Court, 1005 Bingham St., Houston

Proposed Bingham Court Townhomes, 1005 Bingham St., First Ward, HoustonWhat’s going on behind their backs? A closeup of the rendering for Bijan Builders’ planned Bingham Court Townhomes shows an unusual confluence of necks and freeways off to the left of the image. As a view of the site at 1005 Bingham St. (at top) confirms, the hackles of the oversized busts of George Washington, Stephen F. Austin, Abraham Lincoln, and Sam Houston that make up David Adickes’ Mount Rush Hour quartet (aka American Statesmanship Park) front I-45 and I-10 right next door to the First Ward site.


Three of the six 4-story townhomes planned for the site have been listed for sale online since February.

Proposed Bingham Court Townhomes, 1005 Bingham St., First Ward, Houston

Photo: Swamplot inbox. Rendering: Bijan Builders

Hackles Rising

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  • Comic relief better suited for next week.

  • This reminds me of the one going in behind the ‘Houston’ sign off I10. I’m guessing air quality isn’t a selling point of these kinds of places.

  • Well, hopefully what goes up is more visually appealing than what has appeared over the past year immediately behind the “We [heart] Houston” sign along that same stretch of freeway.

  • There is a distinct lack of privacy in that design, but I guess who cares, these days you’re either in the cloud or in a crowd.

  • Lovely. They’ll pay over 500-600,000 + for a view of / noise & pollution from the freeway. That makes them a TRUE urban dweller. Of course, you couldn’t pay me to live in 99.9% of the NC- it’s some of the shoddiest construction ever built. Sheetrock & stucco covers up a multitude of crappy construction(ask the people who’ve had to sue the builders so the moisture barriers could be PROPERLY re-installed,after the stucco exteriors were removed and replaced).But there are desperate /hipster / wanna be’s who’ll pay anything /and endure questionable “construction” to say they’re Inner Loopers.

  • Are they burying the power lines, Houston’s signature?

    They’re left out of the rendering.

  • Imagine the buyers shock when TxDot begins the i-45/i-10/59 revamp in a few years. 5-10 years of construction outside your front door.

  • Who doesn’t love freeway noise? What a great selling point.

  • “We turn our backs on you”

  • The greatest perk of living in these developments is you get to have balcony staring contests with your neighbors