Brewery Tap Returns to Life near Franklin St.’s Crypt-Turned-Bridge-Support

Brewery Tap, 717 Franklin St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Brewery Tap, 717 Franklin St., Downtown, Houston, 77002Ghost-story hub and beer bar Brewery Tap reopened this weekend, after about nearly 11 months of remodeling in the wake of a January ownership swap. The bar is located in the building at 717 Franklin St., preivously part of Houston Ice & Brewing Co.’s Magnolia Brewery complex on the edge of Buffalo Bayou. Down the slope beneath the Franklin St. bridge is the mid-1800’s crypt previously occupied by the remains of 3 members of the Donnellan family; the early Houston settler and his wife and son were moved west to Glenwood Cemetery around 1903, after which the crypt was incorporated into the structure of the Franklin St. bridge:


Donnellan Crypt beneath Franklin St. bridge, Downtown, Houston, 77002

The former gravesite got relatively de-graffiti’d prior to this year’s opening of additional Buffalo Bayou bike trail running alongside it.

Photos: Brewery Tap HTX (building), Allyn West (Donnellan crypt)

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  • Almost got married here. Place was kind of a dump when we looked at it. Definitely had some charm, just needed some retouching.

  • MrEction,

    Don’t be so haughty. The crypt has never been a “dump”. It is a respectable place and if it had electricity and running water I am sure it would have served you and your fiancée’s nuptials nicely.