10/06/14 3:30pm



One of the contemporary homes backing up to a twin on a split-but-still-large lot in Brookwoods Estates is on the market again. Its relisting last week dropped the price to $549,999. Before the previous listing expired in last month, the asking price had dropped to $614,400 from an initial $659,500 in July. The current owner paid $250K for it back in 2005. Updated since, the 1978 property is a front-loader that focuses views from 2 levels on the back lot’s pool and hot tub (above). The neighborhood is located west of T.C. Jester and just north of the North Loop near its arc to U.S. 290.


Northern Exposure
03/09/11 1:58pm

A small group of homeowners that includes residents of Timbergrove, Brookwoods Estates, and Holly Park have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Highway Administration claiming that the agency approved the expansion of Hwy. 290 along the 38-mile stretch from 610 to FM 2920 last August without properly analyzing how noise from the project would affect their properties. In the filing, the plaintiffs say they are not opposed to the project, but are concerned that TxDOT’s environmental studies of its planned elevated roadways at the 610 and I-10 interchanges — some of which will reach as high as 100 ft. in the air — didn’t account for noise impacts on Memorial Park and the Houston Arboretum as well.


06/11/09 11:41am

A reader who more than a week earlier “couldn’t help but think that the building might be one of the few acceptable sites for the relocation of Las Alamedas,” sends in this photographic evidence that the building that used to contain the Luisito’s Cocina Cantina on the North Loop at T.C. Jester will no longer be useful for that purpose. And the reader provides the score:

Large stucco clad hacienda buildings – 0, Empty Piles of Rubble – 1

Photo of former Luisito’s Cocina Cantina, 2510 North Loop West: Swamplot inbox