El Tiempo Says Multi-Story Apartments Will Replace Montrose’s 1308 Cantina Early Next Year

Rear Entrance, El Tiempo 1308 Cantina, 1308 Montrose Blvd., North Montrose, Houston

El Tiempo’s Roland Laurenzo reports that the land under his family’s El Tiempo 1308 Cantina on Montrose Blvd. is being sold by the owner for a “multi-story apartment project development.” The restaurant, which leases the space, is looking for another Montrose spot where it can relocate after it closes early next year. Greg Morago’s report in the Chronicle doesn’t provide any additional detail about the proposed apartments, but the 1308 Cantina, bounded by West Clay St., occupies the northern third of a long block capped on the southern end by the for-sale and shuttering Gibbs Boats at West Gray St. Between those 2 properties are a tire shop and the U-Plumb-It supply store. The 1308 Cantina took over from a restaurant called Sabor, a mid-aughts upscale replacement for La Jalisciense at the same 1308 Montrose Blvd. spot.

Update, 4:30 pm:  Here are some more details on the apartment development replacing the 1308 Cantina and many of its neighbors.

Photo of El Tiempo 1308 Cantina from Marconi St. parking lot: Bill Coatney [license]

Getting Ready To Move

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  • La Jalisciense had the cheapest Mexican food I’ve ever seen. One taste and you knew why.

  • That will always be the site of La Jaliscience to me. I remember the shock when the burrito price increased to $2.50. Ah, gritty LJ memories. the time I was there with my gf and a small rat ran across the floor under our table. Having owned pet rats, we both simultaneously burst out with, “aww, how cute, he’s just a baby…” but the kitchen staff were horrified and comped our entire meal. It was never the same after LJ shut down and it became Sabor/1308.

  • Man, El Tiempos be popping up all over town and they got to go and close the one walking distance to my house. #Obamasamerica

  • I vote they retain the 1308 name no matter the new address.

  • Well this is just no bueno.

    What is great about this location is the convenience of getting in/out, in the neighborhood, without having to drive to the larger locations. It’s smaller, more personable and intimate. However, it does need to grow. It’s too packed, so I’m looking forward to a new location – as long as it’s nearby and has an excellent patio!

    Not to mention, the best margaritas hand-down. Not to sweet and no that artificial limey taste.

  • Any multistory development along a CoH designated major thoroughfare such as Montrose seeking a BL variance should be required to provide ground floor retail/commercial space and an upgraded pedestrian realm. Most likely the multifamily project to replace this will be asking for one. The argument against ground floor retail in locations such as this is invalid. The simple, leasing office + plantings in front of a blank wall is like lipstick on a pig. Any more of these faux pedestrian realms, and our so called “walkable corridors” will have plenty of spaces to walk, but nothing to walk to.

  • Giammalva is who is selling. They close at the end of the month. Everything from El Tiempo to Gibbs is being torn down and sadly my house will be one of them. Construction is expected to start early next year.

  • My family moved out of Montrose a little over a year ago. It’s incredible to see how much the area has changed in that short period of time. The Daily Demolition report seems to feature a house from our old neighborhood every week. We ate at the 1308 Cantina a lot, so I’m sad to see that it’s closing. I’m not sad that I will be missing out on the increased traffic on Montrose that this new building will likely bring.

  • @Lara Malva I’m sorry you’re losing your home to this project. Good luck to you with your house search.

  • Wait, what? We’re losing our U-Plumb-It too?!

  • In follow-up to Courtney’s comment about traffic, does anyone know the facts regarding the type/amount of traffic that is related to a multifamily development? I am certainly no expert, but it would seem to me that replacing a high volume restaurant like this one (that does significant lunch, dinner, and late night business) with an apartment building would actually reduce the traffic on Montrose and the other surrounding streets.

  • @ Lara WRIGHT – I just noticed I typed your name wrong. My apologies!

  • Laurenzo should move to the Heights. They are more accepting of Montrose-destroying restarauteurs there. Laurenzo also eliminated a perfectly good U-Totem at W.Clay and Montrose.
    The really great loss will be the U-Plump-It store. Anybody in Houston who has ever picked up a pipe wrench knows about this small shop of almost infinite variety and knowledgeable employees. U-Plumb-It deserves an upgrade location.
    Then let the real-estate mongrels move in and throw up another 6-storey waferboard monstrosity.

  • Real estate rumor is that La Casa del Caballo is closing soon and that’s your new Montrose El Tiempo.

  • Personally, I am hoping for a slow down very soon here in Houston. I don’t think that Houston has learned a damn thing from its last boom time period as all I see is mostly random crap development run amuck all over the city. Development that doesn’t take into consideration at all as to what it’s replacing, the surrounding neighborhood, the historical aspects of existing structures, the street level experience, the pedestrian, even the freakin’ trees (as we saw at the Kirby Wendy’s today). Face it, the developers run and own this city and it shows sorely! I relate this current boom in Houston’s economy as person who recently came into some money and chooses to spend it all on junk that will lose it’s luster quickly, rather than anything quality.

  • @ East End Eddie. EXACTLY. Wait til the curren “boom” goes bust. Again. There’ll be lots of low / free rent specials. They NEVER learn. They’re all carpetbagger douche bag “developers” .

  • Reading these comments, I’m glad I live in the east end, I get better, cheaper and faster Mexican food!

  • Woah! Nooooo!

    Ward (owner, who also owns the building/land) sold out? U plumb It closing? I don’t believe it!

  • As long as they don’t take away Christy’s Donuts I’ll be fine!!!

  • city of houston acting very provincial in it’s planning. other small and large cities have prohibited residential and commercial buildings without conveniences on ground level such as restaurant, dry cleaning, bank, etc etc. this cuts down on traffic, creates more neighborhoody feel, and reduces crime. houston should not allow one more darn apartment building without this. wake up planning and annise. this still creates the tax revenues you want so badly, but creates a better city and saves costs of re-doing these 3rd-world streets that keep breaking our rims and axles

  • Hold on there, EastEndEddie. You sound like someone who is probably living in the kind of place built by the kind of person you are now attacking. What would the nattering noobs have said then about the developer of your current residence?

  • This is the reason we rose up and fought the “NO ZONING” battle over 20yrs ago. Now the once-historical spot has been replaced twice, so, no loyalty left! Now the whole town has been sold out to the same kind of liberal elite that destroyed Detroit. Guess what’s next, after all these “new” apartments get old and run down?