ExxonMobil’s Top Secret New Corporate Campus Now Hiding in Plain Sight on Google Maps

While thousands of ExxonMobil employees wait patiently to hear confirmation from the oil giant’s tight-lipped management about their rumored “possible” consolidation in a brand-new enormous office campus just south of The Woodlands, aerial photos that show work proceeding on the site have shown up in an update to Google Maps. The photo update appears to be relatively recent; it shows a level of clear-cutting similar to what was evident in the images leaked to Swamplot last month, which dated from March 12:


Curious to see how the supposed 20-plus-building, 3-million-sq.-ft. campus will be laid out on its 389-acre site near the intersection of I-45 and the Hardy Toll Rd.? Just Google it! And line up what you see with that campus plan Swamplot showed you earlier.

Images: Google Maps, Swamplot inbox

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  • Wow, what the heck is this? It looks to be at least three stories.

    Also, that’s a pretty impressive structure just north of it to, at least square footage wise.

    I can’t wait until bing updates their maps.

  • oops, linked messed up. new one: http://tiny.cc/d92qx

  • Building mock-up?

  • You can’t hide from Swamplotters

  • it is amazing how google is changing the flow of information in our everyday lives. very cool.

  • I saw recently that the project had been clearly stated that it was not to be. Why are there continued postings otherwise?

  • Randy – where did you see/hear that? I’ve heard nothing of the sort

  • You need to read that release carefully. It says the world headquarters (in Dallas) will not be moving. It did not say anything about consolidation of the 17k employees in houston.

  • Dallas and the head tacos will not move down here but Fairfax, VA is going to be consolidated into Houston once it is built.

  • I saw recently that the project had been clearly stated that it was not to be. Why are there continued postings otherwise?

    Please refer to the photographic evidence provided by Google Maps.

  • It will be interesting to see how closely the F-2 segment of the Grand Parkway skirts the southern edge of the property.

  • After I looked into this a little more, I discovered I was assuming the corporate move was the same as the consolidation. There is significant buying of homes in The Woodlands by Exxon employees. I do not know if they already live here or not, but suspect so. They will be smart t make their move while prices are still affordable. Anyone have stats or other insights on this?

  • I have not heard anything about the Dallas office moving but I have heard that the CIA is looking into purchasing the Fairfax building due to the extreme security currently in place.

  • @Michael,

    The rumor of the CIA being interested in ExxonMobil’s Fairfield Campus predates ExxonMobil–when Exxon and Mobil merged, speculation was that Mobil’s Farifax campus would close up and be purchased by the CIA. The CIA has said a couple of times that they aren’t looking to buy the site.

  • I added your article to the references in the blog. You posted a few minutes after I did on FB. I was surprised we got it before the media, but that was only because employees leaked the information. You have some really good drawings that were not released to the press!