Grave Concerns for Regent Square

GRAVE CONCERNS FOR REGENT SQUARE The College Memorial Park Cemetery once stretched across the entire block bounded by Dunlavy, W. Clay, Gross, and W. Dallas. Portions of the Allen House Apartments were built on former cemetery land that was sold in the 1960s. So what will the developers of Regent Square do? “In a statement, the company vice president said his group has created a site excavation action plan which includes continual archeological monitoring. So far, there is no documentation showing that the graves exist, but all parties agree that remains need to be preserved. The biggest goal is to restore the entire cemetery to what it use to be.” [11 News]

One Comment

  • This won’t stop the development, but it will definitely continue the delay.

    Since there was no need to consider their properties archaeological sites, they won’t get in trouble.

    This project has a lot of promise. The removal of Allen House and replacing it with a more urban developer stretching across several blocks will drastically change this area.

    And to think, all this has moved forward and occurring with no zoning or central planning…….