Laying Down Tracks at Metro’s 72-Hour Harrisburg and Lockwood Rave

From those rockin’ dudes at Metro, moving to their own beat: a timelapse view of last weekend’s marathon Friday night to Monday morning East End Line construction project at the intersection of Harrisburg and Lockwood. (Traffic lanes and utilities had already been installed.) The beat goes on. . . .

Video: Metro

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  • Most positive thing I’ve seen/read about Metro in a whiles.

  • Fantastic! Bring it on, Metro!

  • Is it really going to take three more years for the trains to run? Can someone explain?

  • Well, that’s a more pleasant beat than the one that pounds through my head every time I drive through there.

  • More METRO stupidity : you won’t be able to transfer from the Main St. lines to this new line. What a a joke. And METRO still builds the trains at grade level instead of being elevated: which would prevent flooding of the tracks and cars, a temporary stoppage of service when there is a flood!!! But no METRO continues to sue the same broken model!!!

  • I can’t wait to ride the train on this line!

  • I would think with as dry it has been–they could get it done even sooner. Coool video BTW

  • Patrick:

    Don’t know where you are getting your info, the East End line WILL connect to the Red line. The renderings are available if you’d take the time to look. Also building an elevated line would probably be preferred over building at grade, however it just isn’t financially feasible.

    The Red line has been getting shut down where it runs through the med center a few weekends for the past few months to allow for the construction of the new TCH pedestrian bridge. During this time, METRO runs an extra bus service. I’d imagine there will be a similar plan to counter a stoppage like a flood.

    Good day, sir.

  • The opening date of the East End line is not set by this segment (where the major construction work will be done next year) but by the Downtown segment, which was started much later, and by the delivery of new railcars (which was delayed by the Buy American investigation.) We can’t really open a line when we have no trains to run on it and no connection to the rest of the system. But the good news is that most of the disruption of construction is over on this part of Harrisburg.

  • Bring back Out-of-Town Brown for the dedcation of the new Lionel set! Teh stopid! It Burnsss!