New JLB Apartments Will Replace Warehouse Buildings at Nicholson and 24th St. in the Heights

Fencing, 2401 Nicholson St., Houston Heights

Chain-link fencing has gone up around the warehouse buildings at 2401 Nicholson St. in the Heights, a reader reports. There’s a total 139,126 sq. ft. of building space on the large alley-divided block surrounded by Nicholson, 24th, 25th, and Lawrence St., on 3.6 acres. JLB Partners doesn’t appear to have announced the new apartment building it’s planning for the site, but its builders received a couple of permits for a parking garage and an apartment building at 525 W. 24th St. late last year. And a TCEQ notice for the construction — identified as the Heights Block 39 Apartments, at 525 W. 25th St. — has gone up at the site as well. The block is catty-corner to the cleared National Flame & Forge site on the other side of Nicholson.

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Block 39

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  • The plat was approved just over a year ago, so they’ve been in the works for a while now.

  • Isn’t that the old Heights Pickle factory Building?? And a Venetian Blind company had use of the building from abt 1957 until 1964?? Another historic structure going to be demolished for “progress”.

  • Perhaps 5 years ago or even longer, seems to me there was a notice of water contamination in that area. Ring a bell with anyone?

  • I’ve heard that there were environmental issues with the land of some of the other cleared warehouses on the neighboring blocks. As for this property, the office for the building and a big dumpster in front of the alley have warning tape for asbestos wrapped around them.