Pitching In: An Architect Helps Out with That Floating Stone Chimney

Note: Story updated below. Stand by for . . . the turret!

One of the nicest things about Swamplot is that we all care about our neighbors! So when one reader sends in a photo of a unique garage-chimney configuration balanced carefully on a townhome near the corner of Ashland and 16th St. in the Heights, it’s only natural that others in our community will want to volunteer their talents and services to help the situation.

The problem: The obvious allures of lick-and-stick stone facing have left a Heights homebuilder with a street face that’s a little . . . attention-getting?

The solution: It’s nothing an architect can’t fix — with a fresh copy of Photoshop and a toolkit of contemporary design favorites! Here’s the completed rendering that was sent into us:



Sez our archi-doctor:

I added some angels and some mah-ble cah-lumns, you know, to make it fancy -er.

Update, 5:45 pm: Inspired by the architect’s vision, another reader tries an alternate crowd-pleasing approach:

I say we go one better and add a combination floating turret-chimney.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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