Skanska Will Get Out of the Tunnels, But Won’t Budge Upward on Capitol Tower Until Economy Goes First

Capitol Tower Tunnel Closures
The connections to the Downtown tunnel system beneath the planned future site of 35-story Capitol Tower at 811 Rusk St. should reopen by the end of the year, a Skanska representative tells Swamplot, though a hard date hasn’t been set yet.  The developer told Cara Smith of the HBJ last month that the bulk of the project wouldn’t go forward until leasing conditions look better, regardless of the explosive eviction of the former Houston Club building from the site, and last August’s foundation pour. The closures have cut off 601 Travis, the rebranding former Gulf Building, and all 3 of the buildings tangled up in that Hines-Linbeck-Houston-Chronicle tunnel lawsuit from the rest of the system since work on the spot first started in 2014. Take a look at the once-and-future underground crossroads in broader context:


Capitol Tower Tunnel Map

And here’s a new shot of the Capitol Tower parking garage base from a reader this week:

July 2016 shot of under-construction Capitol Tower, Capitol St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Images: Skanska (tunnel maps), Swamplot inbox (photo)

Under Downtown

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  • I work in Pennzoil Place. Skanska has been saying that all the tunnels will be open “by the end of the month” since December 2015. I highly doubt that they will get them open “by the end of the year”…

  • Those are pretty nice tunnel maps. Kudos to ___________ .

  • Now you know how the ants feel when you step in the middle of their mound.

  • The tunnel blockage really cannot end soon enough