SkyHouse Management: That’s Funny, Nobody Said Anything About Our Picture Window Toilets Before

SKYHOUSE MANAGEMENT: THAT’S FUNNY, NOBODY SAID ANYTHING ABOUT OUR PICTURE WINDOW TOILETS BEFORE Entrance and Toilets, SkyHouse Houston, 1625 Main St., Downtown HoustonSure, the SkyHouse Houston features from-the-street views of window-side toilets on the second and third floors of the new Downtown highrise. But a spokesperson for the management company in charge of the 24-story tower and 2 other largely identical SkyHouses still under construction in Houston tells the Chronicle‘s Craig Hlavaty that the prominent display of bathrooms was not part of any marketing strategy. Simpson Property Group’s Thornton Kennedy says he wasn’t aware that anybody had even noticed the toilet views before Swamplot readers began writing about them: “We have nearly 10 [SkyHouses] completed from Florida to the Carolinas and over to Texas and we’ve never gotten a call about this,” he says. “But we get it.” Kennedy’s explanation for the Pease St. display involves a reference to window coverings in the photo (above) published earlier this week on Swamplot. “Those units that were photographed are not yet occupied, and therefore those blinds are open all the time,” he explains. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Still struggling to find the reason why the toilet specifically needs to be right up against the glass. Why would you ever have the blinds open? That negates the window entirely. I wonder what kind of wonderful shadow puppetry you project on the shade at night time while doing your business.

  • This is just an asinine design … the fact that they exist from The Carolinas to Florida to Texas means they are just reusing the same poor design .. Obviously window coverings do the trick, but why would you have such a huge window wasted on a toilet .. such that it requires you to block the view and light with a stupid-ass blind.
    What morons!

  • My brother used to live at the Skyhouse in Austin, with identical views into his 3rd floor bathroom. Always did feel a little weird going about my business looking straight out onto Rainey Street bars.

  • Denial at its finest, “we’ve never gotten a call”… oh so you need an old fashioned telephone call to realize people prefer not to take a crap with an audience? 10 high rises and millions of dollars later and they finally “get it”. wow.. you know what, that’s all I can add. I’m just here for the comments!!

  • I live at Skyhouse. ..I just keep my blind closed at my bathroom. Must’ve been a slow news day. It’s a great building imo.

  • So…Floridians as well as Carolinians are uncouth swamp-folk and hillbillies who fecally dispense publicly?

  • Get real “Dr”. Nobody wants a toliet in the front window! It’s a compete design malpractice. A huge window completely wasted. Stupid beyond belief.

  • It’s comical. What kind of architect designs this and who purchases this.? Is this some kind of Warhol joke…

  • Skyhouse new Marketing Campaign…
    “A Poo with a View”