09/08/14 1:30pm

2050 Jacquelyn Dr., Hillendahl Acres, Houston

2050 Jacquelyn Dr., Hillendahl Acres, Houston

Or might it be the city’s finest home auto repair garage? It’s all a question of emphasis in this brand-new Hillendahl Acres (just south of Hammerly Blvd., east of Wirt Rd.) residential listing: The car-repair shop, known to customers for more than 20 years as Palm Motor Company, sits in the back of the almost-half-acre lot and has room for more than a dozen neatly parked cars. The home sits nearer to the street and contains 2 bedrooms. All this (minus the cars) could be yours for the $750,000 asking price. Care for a tour?


Palm Motor and Hearth
02/14/13 1:05pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW THEY COVERED UP THE GARAGE DOOR MECHANISM IN THE EXERCISE AND TAXIDERMY ROOM “When you look at the other listing photos there is one that shows the ‘trophy’ room. This room has a two level ceiling, and you will notice a hogs head and a fish on the wall. The overhead door backs into the space that is above the lower ceiling section.” [Bill, commenting on Spring Home Listing Photo of the Day: Easy Access]