These Tall and Upper-Crusty $1.7 Million Pelican Townhome-Style Mansionettes Will Replace the Mimosa Lane Apartments

Rendering of Mimosa Place, 2415 Mimosa Dr., Avalon Place, Houston

HBJ reporter Paul Takahashi has details on the gated compound of 18 homes Pelican Builders is planning to fit onto the about-an-acre site of the recently vacated Mimosa Lane Apartments and Argonne Forest Apartments at the corner of Mimosa Dr. and Argonne St., behind the Huntingdon condo tower in Avalon Place. And — surprise! — they’ll be very similar to the townhouse-style structures in Pelican’s Bancroft Place compound 2-1/2 miles to the west, which was designed by the same architect, the Hopkins Company.


That means every home in Mimosa Place will be 3 or 4 stories tall, measure around 4,000 sq. ft., come with elevators and 11-ft. ceilings, and have a price tag above or close to $1.7 million. Demolition of the 2 complexes is scheduled to begin next week; Pelican is aiming to get the first 6 houses up by the beginning of next year.

Rendering: Pelican Builders/The Hopkins Company Architects

Avalon Place

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  • Anyone who is considering paying $1.7mm for a glorified townhouse, please email me first so we may discuss the potential sale of a local bridge for a bargain price.

  • very classy – great location – deff something great coming esp what was there before – before you know it houston could be priced high like LA or NY – there’s only so much desirable land aval anyway. We gotta get all the low-rent realtors who want to complain about the pricing out the the suburbs where price per sq ft to the neighborhood actually exist and the smart builders and realtors who actually know real estate in city living prosper

  • I’m with Ian. Some thigs blow my mind: like paying $1 million plus for a townhome in Houston.
    I get paying that much for a high rise condo: you get the views, plus the concierge. I get paying that much for a detached house here. But if you’re goi to drop $1 million on a townhome, why not move to Boston or New York and get a real, historic one?

  • Ian, I understand that not all townhouses are created equal (many are poorly built), but people in NYC don’t see to mind paying multi-million dollars for townhouses. While it may take some effort to find, we do have some beautiful townhouses sprinkled throughout the city.

  • Very Shiny Pelican Turds

  • The comparison of Houston to NYC or even LA is absurd.

  • Beautiful!!! I love it!!! So refreshing after seeing all the cheap town houses Urban Living and others like them pop up all over our beloved inner loop bastion.

  • To be fair these are more patio homes not townhouses because that they do not have shared walls.

    Still at 4,000 sq. ft these places are going to need to be top of the line and in a great location to reasonably approach that price, and even then it sounds like a stretch.