What’s That Going Up Over Yonder Del Monte Backyard Fence?

A delightful backyard scene at this home in the Galleria-area Del Monte subdivision. But hmmm . . . what’s that lurking behind the wood fence at the rear of the property? Could it be . . . the first of 19 stories of a new luxury apartment tower working its way to the sky? Or something more modest? Strangely, the listing for the just-on-the-market $576K home, at 5237 Chesapeake Way, includes this photo but no further details of the backyard goings-on. And yet there’s a crane and plenty of highrise construction action on the former parking lot on Brownway behind the home, between Sage and Yorktown, just west of the Walgreens on the corner of Sage and Westheimer. A Swamplot reader was kind enough to send in some photos of the project so far — along with a plea that someone who knows something about it provide some details:


Construction photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • a big ol condo, as if we don’t have enough
    signed, DMII resident

  • How can there be a 19+ unit building being built with no one knowing what’s going on with it? Odd.

  • It’s not “odd”. It’s a joke. This project is very well known, Cody.

  • Shrug… Didn’t get the joke I guess.

  • there is never enough “big ol condos.”

  • How is this project going to be impacted by the city council’s implementation of the High Density Ordinance?

  • Nevermind, answered my own question. This property abuts a Major Activity Center which is exempt from the ordinance.

  • If it is not a fabulous condo to augment Houston’s reputation as the City of High Rise Living and Anti-Sprawl then I suppose it could well be one of the following
    1. The Westside Soccer Stadium
    2. Gilley’s Redux
    3. Mosque
    4. Landry’s HQ and showcase restaurant
    5. HEB Supermercado or Mi Tienda
    6. Galleria 5
    DMII resident

  • @sh:
    It’s a large residential tower. This is already very well known.

  • @ Brandon, comments 3&9
    Got it. It is a large residential tower and this fact is well known (to those in the know at least). My apologies for being sarcastic in earlier posts.