Bayou-Sundered Mason Park Territories To Be United by Victory-Fingered Pedestrian Bridge

Rendering of pedestrian bridge over Brays Bayou at Mason Park

A double-V’d walkin’ and bikin’ bridge like the one shown above will be spanning Brays Bayou before too long, the Houston Parks Board says, linking together the sections of Mason Park separated by the waterway. The agency is planning a short mid-morning party for the planned structure’s construction kickoff next Tuesday, on the southern side of the park (mostly located east of the 75th St. crossing). The whole complex is just downstream of the Gus Wortham Golf Course, for which renovations finally teed off a few weeks ago (trailing much ado a few years back that culminated in the land not getting turned into a botanical garden).

The board says the other, decidedly less suspenseful pedestrian bridge announced earlier this year should be done in the fall as well; that one will will run across Brays alongside the Martin Luther King Blvd. car bridge at the downstream edge of of MacGregor Park, and look kinda like this:


Rendering of pedestrian bridge over Brays Bayou at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Images: Houston Parks Board

Double Crossing Brays

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  • I’m always happy to hear of improvements and additions to the pedestrian/bike paths around town, and especially along the bayous. I wonder whether it’s in the cards to extend the path from Mason Park so that it connects with the path just further downstream that follows the Brays Bayou to its confluence with the Buffalo Bayou.

  • Long overdue but seemingly right on time. Green line in place, bridge coming soon, Wortham Golf course underway, get ready for gentrification east end. It has arrived.

  • It’s nie. But I bet the taggers will come along and slap up some gang banger tags …

  • I’d like to see all the bayous connected and become transit ways with no cars and that’s how this city gets really connected. If we have to buy out some people along the bayous to increase flooding capacity and get more natural waterways because of that all that area can become most for pedestrians, cycling, and small motor vehicles, maybe motorcyles.

  • I’m glad to see this is happening finally and it will be a very nice addition to a very nice park for walking and watching the fish jump…although the quietude of the northern section will be changed once everyone can easily cross over instead of the extra walk needed now.
    And yeah Sid…the area east of Eastwood is going to change a lot in the coming years. and this park will be a magnet.

  • What a waste of money. The 75th Street bridge has a separated pedestrian walkway already. There are so many necessary park repairs and improvements that could have been made with $5+ million.