Braun To Swap Out Brown Brick Next to Johnny’s Gold Brick, Redo Warehouse Behind It All

Braun Realty is gearing up to replace Johnny’s Gold Brick’s next door neighbor and redo the warehouse behind the 2 structures as part of a new retail development it has planned for the corner of Yale and Aurora. An entity connected to the developer snatched up the property on Yale — as well as a few adjacent parcels east on Aurora — last October. The site plan above taken from Braun’s leasing flyer for the complex now indicates all 3 buildings decked out with new adjacent patios. East of the buildings, a parking lot sports entrances on both Aurora and an alley that runs north of the site.

The photo at top shows the front door to Johnny’s Gold Brick next to the brown brick building that Lucas Craftsmanship contractors moved out of in 2015. Here’s the view from the corner of Yale and Aurora showing the 2-story structure that’s slated to replace the former construction office:


The beer sign visible behind Johnny’s blue building is up on the existing 2,929-sq.-ft. warehouse on Aurora that Braun plans to renovate. A view from Aurora shows a new patio fronting the sidewalk outside the former warehouse, as well as new windows cut into its street and parking lot frontage:

A single-family house and its garage currently sit at the far east end of the planned parking lot:

A view from the alley on the north side of the property shows a stairway dropping down from this boxy structure, which links to the new building’s second floor via an outdoor walkway above its patio:

You can see it peeking out behind the building from across Yale:

Photo: Michelle B. Site plan and renderings: Braun Realty

Heights Corner Shake-Up

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  • If my memory serves me correctly, didn’t Jackie Harris (of art car fame, e.g. Fruitmobile) own all of those buildings and live in the house behind that fronted Aurora? I imagine she got a nice return on her investment – good for her! I always enjoyed the Boom Boom Room where Johnny’s Gold Brick is now on the nights when Jackie’s husband Wally played piano.

  • ….well, there is parking at least. Maybe less people getting stuck in our ditches.