Former Durham Triangle Car Wash Blacked Out for Balls Out

The ex-service station sitting on the sliver of land edged by N. Durham Dr., W. 16th St., and Nashua St. is being remodeled and repainted, with signage already in place for burger bar Balls Out. The late-sixties space, home to the Guero Deluxe Car Wash before Re:Vive Development snapped up the property in 2015, was occupied by used car dealership Sabinas Cars and Trucks a few years before that.

The former service station’s canopy is still in place; the now-blank sign space on top previously served as a canvas for one of those Wiley LOVE murals:


Meanwhile, the empty land to the south of the restaurant across W. 16th has been chopped up into 11 smaller lots.

Photos: Jeremy Pudlo

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  • What a crude and desperate name.

  • That name could only get worse if you swapped ‘out’ with ‘deep’. Is this where flashers will hang out?

  • “Balls out” originally referred to the centrifugal governor on a steam engine but doubt that’s what they’re aiming for here.

  • So, this is how Billy decided to spend the trust fund?

  • Pretty funny Neil. I had the guts to actually google” balls out”. When I slowly uncovered my eyes it referred to a lively little movie from a couple of years ago. Whew!

  • I’d be embarrassed to be a customer, employee, or vendor to this place. What a tacky business name.

  • 12-24 months max. Then sell for land value. Mark. My. Words.

  • I drove by the other day and couldn’t believe it. Terrible name. Crude and dumb. Place will be closed in less than 18 months.

  • Another landlord who doesn’t give a F**K. Strategy is… get someone to spend their money getting the place up to code…. go out of business and lease to the next operator. Easy Money!!!

  • The name is genius and definitely attention getting. You all are talking about it. True test is if the food will keep up with the name. Although it is just more burgers.

  • Why is it that the prudes are always the first ones to be create offensive things out of non-offensive things?
    Many people know that balls out is slang for top speed, and not for showing off your scrotum. You people need to settle down with your holy war on words that make you uncomfortable.
    I suspect if I opened a coffee shop called Hairy Pussy and it featured cats everywhere that you would be offended as well?
    Get over it. Clever is clever, and I’ll go try a burger, if it’s any good, I’ll go back.

  • Crudely named Richard Heads American Bar was a long term fixture in it’s day (now a Lupe Tortilla on Shepherd).

    Also check out a 2009 Houston Press article on wildly cruder Houston names…

    Don’t short Balls Out (pun intended), just yet.

  • Just another testosterone-challenged attempt to attract sports-minded fellas to a what is, essentially, hamburger& beer joint. Will they sponsor a men’s softball team?

  • ItsNotRocketScience: “Another landlord who doesn’t give a F**K. Strategy is… ”
    The alternative is what? A landlord that will only rent to a nationally qualified chain place where there is less risk of failure? Sorry but we don’t need another jack in the box or Starbucks. I’m glad there are commercial property owners renting space out to ‘little guys’. Give them a chance.
    If they fail, they fail. But if the renters are willing to put up their money to risk a shot at success, why be so salty about it?

  • That place is right near the border line for the dry part of the Heights, so maybe no beer with your burger. (Unless you join the club, LOL.). Of course it may not be in the Heights at all, but in Shady Acres. If so the name is perfect. Maybe someone will buy up the used car lot next door and open the Hairy Pussy coffee shop…..
    Keep the shady in Shady Acres, ya’ll.

  • I want a FurryCoochie IAP to go w/ my salty Balls Out burger & fries !!!! And you prudes /word police probably haven’t gotten laid in months. It’s always the prudes who freak out over anything remotely relat ed to /the human body /it’s parts &/or sex who go ape caca over a double entendre ..Grow up you childish morons !!