Houston Premium Outlets: The New Outlet Mall in Cypress

Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, Texas

Update: On-the-spot reader reports!

Fairfield residents: You picked the right location! Just outside your neighborhood’s front gates, a huge new outlet mall is scheduled to open . . . in just two days!

What’s going to be there? The Ecko Unltd. outlet store! The Juicy Couture outlet store! The Under Armour outlet store! Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom! And Chicken Now! They’re all opening this Thursday, March 27th!

Well . . . almost. As a commenter on HAIF points out, you’ll apparently have to wait for Chicken Now, which on the Houston Premium Outlets website is listed only as “opening soon.” The site indicates 100 stores in the 427,000-square-foot outdoorish highwayside complex will be ready for this weekend’s grand opening. 13 more are slated to open later.

After the jump: you’ll look askance at the plans!


Here’s the store map from the mall website, showing the complex stretched along Highway 290 (it’s turned sideways so it fits our narrow column width):

Store Layout Plan of Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, Texas

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  • yeah.
    this outlet mall is really good..especially if you dont want to go to the middle of houston for things of the sort.

  • The Outlet Mall is great! I went out there last month, and it have a good amount of Stores. I wish they will make it indoor, in the Hot Houston Summer of 100+ deg, will be too hot to walk around.

  • yes steven it can be hot in the summer but have you been in the winter nights? Its nice and cool out there. You can look up and see the moon and stars in the sky. Puts me in the shopping mood =)

  • Shopping at Fairfield outdoor mall is just a great way to get some fresh air while you shop comfortably amongst a huge variety of popular stores. The setup is very convenient for moms with children and stroller, for people that just want to visit one store and leave, for older people with walkers and such. There’s sun, shade, plenty of seating, clean and convenient restrooms… And, there is a very nice concession area indoor/outdoor concession area where you might sit, eat and rest for a while before heading out again. And, if you don’t want to eat in the concession area, generally there are a couple of vendors selling hot dogs or fajitas or… Personally, I highly recommend the Fairfield Mall for convenience, comfort, great shopping and fun in the sun.