Logos and Lines: Cypress Outlet Mall Reader Reports

Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, TX

Reader photos and reports from the Houston Premium Outlets opening on 290 last weekend:

I had heard somewhere that the mall was supposed to have a Southwest theme, but with all the logos plastered over the entrance towers, it looks like they might have been aiming for Early NASCAR. Aside from that, though, it’s a surprisingly nice place. Yeah, there were lots of people there, but once you get out of your car, the mall handles crowds well. It’s much nicer than a lot of Houston non-outlet malls, and a whole lot less cheesy or pretentious.

After the jump: those logo-festooned towers and more on-the-spot pix! Plus: Chicken Now: Here. Now!


Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, TX

Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, TX

Looks like our earlier report on Chicken Now was wrong:

Chicken Now, Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, TX

Who said Chicken Now wouldn’t be open until later? Chicken Now is open now.

The only delay is waiting in line to order.

Was it worth the wait? I don’t know. We couldn’t, so we grabbed a burrito from the mexican food stand someone had set up by the entrance. Now that was good!

Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, TX

Harry and David Store, Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, TX

Houston Premium Outlets, Cypress, TX

And the crowds:

This place was packed! It was a slow crawl from the feeder road, and people were standing in parking spaces to reserve them. One weird thing – it looked like traffic was backed up on 290 coming in from the east more than it was from Houston.

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  • Hi I’m from Malaysia and will be coming to Houston in May. I’d like to go to the Cypress Outlet Mall. Just would like to know if there is any bus service from Downtown Houston to the the mall. Thanks.

  • Izwan: It looks like the closest you can get to the mall by bus is the Cypress Park & Ride lot. Try calling the mall to see if they run any shuttles to and from there.

  • whats the exit?? i need directions all it says is that is on 290.