Your Guide to Watching the Towers Grow As You Sit in That West Loop Traffic Jam

A waste-no-time tipster briefly stuck on the southbound West Loop earlier this week spent the downtime documenting some of the current activities of various cranes hanging around north of the US 59 junction. On the right is Tilman Fertitta’s The Post Oak, being fleshed out behind the Landry’s headquarters as part of a new mixed-use development; the previously tipped hand of 4 logo diamonds are already being framed at the top:


South past the new Amegy building (which wrapped up recently in the spot previously held down by MicroCenter), Randall Davis’s accent-free Arabella is on the way up, next to the River Oaks Skyhouse, which now has the Wilshire sandwiching it to the south:

Here’s the most recent pinup of that project, in case you missed it:

Images: Swamplot inbox (photos); Arabella (rendering)

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