09/26/12 10:59am

What’s to become of the Andover Richmond Apartments at the corner of Richmond and Graustark after all the residents move out? This, after a little site-scraping: A 270-unit Trammell Crow complex called The Muse. A source tells Swamplot the 4-stories-over-garage concoction will be very similar to the Alexan West University going up on the former site of the Courts at West University at Law and Bissonnet — but without all the angles dictated by that stealth-fighter-shaped site. EDI Architecture is the designer for both apartment projects. Here’s a plan of the top-of-garage level at 1301 Richmond:


08/02/12 5:31pm

A resident of the Andover Richmond Apartments at the corner of Richmond and Graustark passes on word to Swamplot that a “midrise luxury style residence” is being planned for the 2.9-acre site near Graustark — after the courtyard-style apartments that have stood there for more than 50 years are demolished. Residents with month-to-month leases will be given 35 days’ notice to vacate, the resident reports. Those with time left on their leases will be dealt with individually and possibly given incentives to vacate before the end of next January. Swamplot reported the sale of the complex to an arm of REIT factory Behringer Harvard yesterday. According to the tipster, some residents have already been told that their homes will be torn down, so they can beat the expected “flood” of residents looking for similarly priced apartments in the area.


08/01/12 3:11pm

Tenants of the Andover Richmond Apartments at 1301 Richmond Ave. near Graustark got notice today that the complex has been sold to an entity connected to investment company Behringer Harvard. One of them writes in: “I hope the Swamplot team can stay on top of this one since this 2.9 acre plot was earlier rumored to be on Trammell Crow’s Alexan radar. BH is a big REIT player but I can’t find much information about their history regarding redevelopment of acquired properties. I fear same fate will befall us here as those at Chateau on Greenbriar.”

Photo: Swamplot inbox

10/03/11 9:03am

RICHMOND FROM LUCKY BURGER TO THE HARP, READY FOR SOMETHING New owners of a 50,000-sq.-ft. site at the southwest corner of Richmond and Mandell in Montrose, which includes Lucky Burger, The Harp Irish Pub, Maria Selma’s Mexican Restaurant, and Orange Bar: a partnership controlled by Braun Enterprises — the same group that bought the former Harold’s in the Heights clothing store last month. Space in the retail buildings totals more than 11,000 sq. ft. Braun tells reporter Katherine Feser his group plans to hold onto the property for now but imagines some new retail development could take place next. Leases for all 4 properties expire in 2014. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Braun Enterprises

07/12/11 11:18pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BACK IN THE WILD DAYS OF CASTLE COURT “I’m sure the townhouses on Mandell near Castle Court are quite nice, but what could ever compare to the story of the house formerly on the site that housed Hugo the gorilla? Thanks to a friend who lived nearby, seeing him remains one of my most vivid memories after over 40 years.” [Hellsing, commenting on Comment of the Day: You Can’t Buy Home Again; more info]