Park 8 Chinatown Condo Project: Parked?

Crane for Park 8, Beltway 8 Near Arthur Storey Park, Houston

Lou Minatti notes that the construction crane parked on the site of the Park 8 condo tower project on the west side of Beltway 8 between Bellaire and Beechnut has at long last been dismantled and removed. Is it time to say goodbye to the Land of Oz?

More bad news for fans of the 3-tower (plus hospital and strip center) project: The video originally embedded in our story about the project from last year is down too. But don’t worry . . . YouTube has a copy! See it again — and relive some of that Oz highrise magic — after the jump.


[youtube: 400 330]

And a look back at a rendering of one of the towers, as seen from Arthur Storey Park next door:

View of Proposed Park8 Tower from Arthur Storey Park

Photo: Lou Minatti; Rendering: Swinerton

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  • Do you have any update on this project? I’m very curious to find out more about the status and what the projected outcome will be for the many buyers of this condo that is 3 years behind schedule.


  • I have found construction bid sites to helpful indicators of a project’s status, but have not seen anything on this.