San Felipe Condominiums: Two New Towers in Memorial

Landscape Plan, San Felipe Condominiums Towers, Houston

This landscape plan from the Boymelgreen website is our first glimpse of the two condo towers the company is planning for 5.5 acres on the southwest corner of the intersection of San Felipe and a short segment of Woodway — just west of Voss, on the Right Bank of Buffalo Bayou. And this morning the Houston Business Journal has more to report:

New York City-based Boymelgreen Developers is developing the project for landowner Azorim, a publicly traded company in Israel of which Boymelgreen owns 64 percent. . . . The unnamed project will consist of two buildings with 28 residential floors each and an 18,000-square-foot fitness center and spa. The project will have a total of 237 condos starting at $1 million each. Units will be an average size of 2,500 square feet.

The architect is Ziegler Cooper. Boymelgreen’s website refers to the project as the San Felipe Condominiums. (And it reports a building that’s 14 condos smaller.)

Jennifer Dawson’s report in the HBJ says that sales won’t start until the fall, after a sales center — which will later “be converted into a spa, restaurant or office building” — is built on the site of the former Dolce & Freddo next door.

Below the fold: That 1960s office-and-shopping center on the site won’t go quietly!


Boymelgreen hopes to get a jump on the towers’ LEED accreditation by arranging for the reuse of building materials from the shopping center at 7703 San Felipe:

Habitat NWHC has about two months to salvage what it can, inside and out, for its ReStore before Cherry Demolition comes in to salvage the buildings’ steel framing and concrete parking areas for two more months. . . .

[Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Harris County executive director Lee] Schnell said the goal is to recycle 75 percent of building materials from the interior and exterior. Habitat has rented storage space to handle the volume of material it will funnel through its ReStore, which is located on state Highway 249 near the intersection of Bammel North.

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  • Sorry to be late to the party, but that isn’t Memorial no matter how much the developers say it is.

  • Only the left bank of Buffalo Bayou up to I-10 is truly considered Memorial.

  • Clearly, this project isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The lot is a series of large holes where the former parking garages were and quite a bit of the nice fence that was initially put up blew down during Ike and was never replaced. Does anyone know if this is on hold or completely dead?