Sky-High Shots of Marlowe’s Spot in the Dirt by the Dirt Bar Downtown

Marlowe Condo Tower site, 1311 Polk St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Marlowe Condo Tower site, 1311 Polk St., Downtown, Houston, 77002An elevated reader sends a snapshot this morning of an excavator rooting around by 1311 Polk St., where Randall Davis is laying the groundwork for his 20-story tower of actor-themed condominiums named Marlowe. The development’s sales center and 5-sided billboard (formerly a kiosk) is still in place across Caroline St. from the House-of-Blues-containing GreenStreet development (visible in the top frame, in the bottom right corner) and Dirt Bar (bottom left).

The marketing for the tower (another Davis project to seek funding from the EB-5 invest-your-way-to-citizenship program) appears to be a little less insult-forward these days than was previously the case. The tower’s website now also includes the drone footage collage and Stairway to Heaven remix below, showing off the surrounding downtown area with the would-be tower sketched into place in white lines:


Catty-corner across Polk is the law school formerly known as South Texas College of Law, which insisted last week that it won’t back down on changing its name to Houston College of Law despite threats of legal action from University of Houston.

Photos: Christof Spieler


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  • Is this building an homage to Hugh Marlowe? Perhaps it’s one of Davis’s Elizabethan-playwright-themed buildings. No? How about (misspelled) recurring-characters-in-Joseph Conrad-themed condominia? I see.
    Then surely it must be the latest entry in the Raymond Chandler-iconic-detective-guy-themed domicilia. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Cagey guy, that Mr. Davis.