Staub Ranchsion Tries Everything: Lecture, Tour, Big Price Cut

3740 Willowick Dr. in River Oaks by Architect John Staub

This time, the folks selling the home at 3740 Willowick in River Oaks are really going all out.

Maybe last November they hoped that the release of Stephen Fox’s The Country Houses of John F. Staub would unleash a new era of interest in the Houston architect — and result in a recordbreaking price for the 1955 Staub-designed ranch-like mansion backing up to Buffalo Bayou, across from Memorial Park.

The book did fine, but Staubmania never really took off. Now, almost five months later, the sellers can’t harbor any illusions.

This time, the John Staub marketing machine kicks into full gear:


Tonight at 8 p.m., Richard Cheek — who took the photographs in Stephen Fox’s book — is delivering a lecture about Staub’s houses at the Museum of Fine Arts. Before the lecture: a wine reception and booksigning.

But that’s just a warm-up to the full-on John Staub Fest to follow: On March 29th and 30th, the Rice Design Alliance is hosting its annual home tour — and it’s all about John Staub! “The Splendid Houses of John F. Staub” will feature 6 Staub-designed homes dating from 1924 through 1937 — in Broadacres, Shadyside, and River Oaks. The Willowick home isn’t on the tour . . . but the tour houses at 3452 Del Monte and 1912 Larchmont in River Oaks are less than a mile away!

If none of this drums up enough interest from a Staub-appreciating buyer, how about a million-dollar price cut? A full $1000K was lopped off the asking price at the end of January. A cut half that size at the beginning of December didn’t attract a sale.

The house can be yours today for $5.95 million. That’s just $60 a square foot for a 2.3 acre homesite with Buffalo Bayou frontage — plus a bonus building!

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  • Does this alignment of the planets mean I’ll finally have an occasion to wear my “Staubfest ’08” T-shirt?

  • If you missed the John Staub homes tour, but would like to hear an insider’s perspective, join us in Columbus on Saturday, April 12, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a luncheon and lecture by author Stephen Fox, who will tak wbout his book, The Country Houses of John Staub. Also that weekend, on exhibit will be the private collection of Mark Chapman featuring works by Rodin, Picasso and Dwight D. Eisenhower. For information and directions, call 979-732-8385.