Heights Village: Parking Lots Are the New Main Street!

Heights Village Parking Lot on Yale St., Houston Heights

Looks like a lot of pedestrian action going on in these marketing drawings for Orr Commercial’s new Heights Village, a five-acre restaurant, retail, office, and “upscale housing” development slated for the current site of the Sons of Hermann hall just south of I-10, between Heights Blvd. and Yale St. and an adjacent parcel abutting railroad tracks to the south.

Why, with all those people in the drawings walking to and fro, it looks like this development will have all the charm of a small old-town Main Street . . . or at the very least all the charm of an old small town that decided to build a multi-level parking garage, but still turned its Main Street into a parking lot anyway, just to hedge its bets.

After the jump: more parking-lot pedestrians!


View from Heights Blvd., Heights Village Shopping Center by Orr Commercial, Houston

Aerial View, Heights Village Mixed Use Project, Heights & Yale, Houston Heights

Heights Village Development Plan, Heights Blvd. and Yale St., Houston