11/12/08 11:57am

Lakes of Avalon Village Subdivision, Spring, Texas

The attorney for Lakes of Avalon Village developer Robert A. Hudson is now saying that economic conditions make it “unlikely” that Lennar Homes and J. Patrick Homes will build on homesites in the path of a new proposed route for Segment F2 of the Grand Parkway in Spring.

But there’s no need to give up hope entirely: Lennar and J. Patrick apparently encountered few difficulties building and selling 60 homes sitting on the new highway’s earlier proposed route, in a different portion of the same subdivision. The developer’s stated reluctance to repeat the trick means the homebuilding market must be pretty tough now.

The new route would swing around the homes that have already been built and into not-yet-developed areas of Lakes of Avalon Village and neighboring Willow Trace.


08/26/08 10:02am

OFF-MAP JOGGING IN GLEANNLOCH FARMS Another lost jogger, rescued by iPhone. But what happens when Google Maps fail? “Every time I am in Houston I am filled with renewed trepidation over the in-laws neighborhood. It’s lovely, of course, but it’s also a Houston suburbs’ subdivision. Despite having visited numerous times over the course of the past three and a half years, I am remarkably unable to maintain any sense of cardinal directions or relative location once we enter the sprawling land of pale-red-and-cream houses in well-manicured cul-de-sacs with nice names.”

08/20/08 11:22am

Lakes of Avalon Village Subdivision, Spring, Texas

Some brand-new houses sold by Lennar Homes will be very convenient to the new Grand Parkway!

Robert A. Hudson, a Spring developer who partnered with Lennar on the project, said builders knew the highway might come through the subdivision.

“We are not up there on a daily basis to make sure that the builders make it clear to everybody else,” he said.

Plans for the Grand Parkway have been on the books for 25 years, but only 28 of its proposed 185 miles have been built. Environmental and neighborhood groups have opposed the project.

It would include 11 segments traversing seven counties. The 12.1-mile Segment F2 would cut directly through the Lakes of Avalon Village, a subdivision with several hundred homes located on FM 2920 just west of Kuykendahl Road.

About 60 homes are in the right-of-way and would have to be demolished to make way for the parkway once construction began, [executive director of the Grand Parkway Association David] Gornet said.

Talk about offering transportation options! But it’s not just Lennar . . . J. Patrick Homes also is selling models in the Lakes of Avalon Village subdivision.

But hurry! The subdivision is in “close out”!

After the jump: pics of a Lennar Homes model for sale in this quaint little village in Spring!


07/17/08 1:40pm


Almost 1,000 petitioners want to create a new city called Spring-Klein: “‘I called the state and they said there was no city of Spring, and that Spring was in the city of Houston’s extraterritorial jurisdiction,’ [Najjia’s Fine Furniture owner Earl] Hodge said. ‘There has to be at least 400,000 people out here, and that has to be equal to the size of the fifth or sixth-largest city in Texas.’ Hodge said he created the petition to test the waters and has found that many are supportive of an effort that would prevent another city, such as Houston, Conroe or a possible future city of The Woodlands, from swallowing up the Spring Klein community.” [Houston Chronicle, via HAIF]

04/11/08 11:52pm

This week: Two neighborhoods off Louetta, just east of Stuebner-Airline, north of Cypress Creek. Zoned to the Klein School District. In Spring!

17607 Teal Forest Ln., Spring, Texas

Location: 17607 Teal Forest Ln.
Details: 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths; 2,922 sq. ft.
Price: $158,900
The Scoop: Quaint 1980 home on cul-de-sac in Spring Creek Forest. Master Bedroom downstairs; other bedrooms off upstairs Game Room. Painted woodwork inside; large yard. Covered walkway connects to garage in back. On the market at the same price for almost 6 months.
Open House: Saturday, 11 am-2 pm

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08/02/07 2:24pm

The Williams Home at Hooks AirportContinental pilot Stephen Williams and his wife Nancy are the proud owners of one of several homes built in airplane hangars at Hooks Airport, a private airfield in Spring.

Initially, the Williamses wanted to add on to a Hooks Airport hangar they owned which contained a small apartment. But that plan was rejected by the FAA because it would have been too close to the runway.

They worked with Architect Kyle Cox to create their new 3,300-sf hangar-home.

At the top of the spiral staircase is the pinnacle of this unique home. The tower room is complete with a 360-degree set of windows, providing guests an overview of the airport. It has a steel catwalk that adds to the design, and provides visitors a chance to step outside to enjoy the view as well as the weather. The room also houses a bar and a dumbwaiter to make entertaining simple.

“We put in the things that we wanted. I wanted a nice cooking area,” Nancy said.

With a host of friends and a community full of fellow aviation enthusiasts living at Hooks Airport is nothing short of spectacular. “It’s a neat, quiet community,” Nancy said. “We love it here.”

Photo: 1960 Sun Group