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Like sharpened cuspids, a 4-pack of aligned and angled columns screens the entry of a 1960 modern home in Meyerland. Could a toothy grill off the circular driveway have been the intent of the long-term owner, a dentist? The home’s initial design is attributed to H. Oberdieck in architectural chatter about the property and its records. Listed earlier this month, the home’s asking price is $899,000.


Say ‘Ahhhhh’?
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Is it really worth it to empty out and polish your bomb shelter before you put your home on the market? Here’s some compelling evidence that it is. The property on Jackwood St. in Meyerland with the bomb-shelter-turned-subterranean man cave featured last August on Swamplot sold late the following month for $330,000. But the buyers wasted no time in working a profitable flip. Clearing out the La-Z-Boy, beer bottles, Wendy’s soda cups, bunny figurines, and other memorabilia from the underground domed space resulted in a cleaner listing and a much higher sale price last month: $503,700, marked down from a $515K asking price and locked up only a week or so after the April listing. That’s an explosive increase of $173,700, or more than 50 percent, over the purchase price, in less than your typical real estate half-life.

Of course, a few things affecting home prices may have been going in the outside world while the buyers were busily scrubbing the walls of their underground lair. Though they did make a few other changes to the house as well:


Lessons in Subterranean Staging
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19707 San Gabriel Dr., Westlake Forest, Houston

19707 San Gabriel Dr., Westlake Forest, HoustonWhat’s there to say, really, about this 1979 snout-front home in almost-to-Katy Westlake Forest — beyond the sort things any visitor would notice? That the single-story 4-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,944-sq.-ft. home is well-appointed? Well-watered? Or well, absolutely stuffed with greenery? It went up for sale last week for $135,000. But is the home’s interior landscaping included?


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